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No Court Conflict Resolution

No Court Conflict Resolution

For ten years now I have had occasion to represent all manner of clients in all manner of R.I. Family Court cases.  The divorces, the child custody disputes, the child relocations out of state or out of the country.  Setting and changing child support.  The domestic violence restraining orders, the DCYF indications, guardianships, and adoptions.  The desperate, the insecure, the well-intentioned, the lost cause, the mentally ill.  I have fought them all.  I have fought for them all.

Every party in every case had only one single thing in common – the Family Court could not help them.

The Family Court is too slow, too overwhelmed, too weighted down by bureaucracy, by rules of procedure, by rules of evidence, by the belief in inertia that condescends to say that solely because this or that process has helped other families in the past, it better damn well serve yours.  A factory, a mill, and an asylum where parties are led like cattle towards the same few predestined ends regardless of the unique needs of their family.  Their finances.  Their philosophy.

Judges are forced to make, at best, arbitrary decisions based upon limited, slanted information, on behalf of children they never meet, without learning the child’s maturity, personality, fears, or dreams, likes, or dislikes.  Beleaguered judges daily address beleaguered parents – this stranger in a robe dictating where a child will live, how a child will live, and endless other decisions which by any civilized right the parents together ought to make.

It is a broken, vile, humiliating, and inhumane process in which the parents are pulled like puppets to dance and spin with money forever falling out of their pockets, collected by greedy attorneys.  A process in need of reform and of no use to anyone but those who use it for profit or for a pension.

Case study:

Months ago, I was retained by a Mother whose nine-year-old daughter hardly left her side.  When together they were inseparable.  Until, in counseling, the child said she was afraid of Mother, a Mother who now must wait several months to complete psychiatric evaluation before she can even begin to address the issue and heal their relationship.  They may not see each other at all this Christmas.

Though the conflict in families is inevitable, the Family Court is not the answer.  The Family Court cannot help you.  The Family Court is, and should only ever be, the last resort of parents who do not know any better or who hate one another more than they love their children.

Now I hope you know better.

For this reason, I have started a new area of practice at my office: No Court Conflict Resolution.

From the outset, I represent, meet with, listen to, and do extensive research on the whole family. BOTH parents and ALL CHILDREN in a divorce or custody matter.  The parents are each heard, in full, without judgment, without delay, without the extraordinary expense.  without a record, without the scrutiny of a judge, without worry about saying or not saying the right thing.  All parties involved can voice their true concerns and together craft a comprehensive, forward-seeking Consent Order given its unique needs with an eye to how their judge would apply the law.

People want to be heard.  People want peace of mind.  People want to salvage their life savings.  People do not want to go to Court, to wait, or to have their every secret parried about in public.

A family remains a family after a break-up and a family can survive this process with dignity and money left over.

To learn more about no court conflict resolution and how it could help you and your family, contact an attorney at The Law Offices of Timothy M Sweet by calling 401-216-6506 or send us a message via our chat. You can also text attorney Tim Sweet on his mobile device at 401-595-1665.

We look forward to helping you and your family avoid a broken system with our no court conflict resolution service.

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