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Uncovering Hidden Assets

Many people enter the divorce process with the goal of moving through it as efficiently as possible. Those people typically have an understanding that the process only works well if they are honest and willing to compromise. Unfortunately, other people enter the process with the goal of coming out as the winner, and they are willing to be deceitful and dishonest to achieve those means.

If you fear your spouse may be hiding assets or rearranging business accounts to make money disappear, it’s important to contact an experienced Providence family law attorney as soon as possible.

When you contact my firm — The Law Office of Timothy M. Sweet, LLC — I can help with uncovering hidden assets and hidden money. I represent clients throughout Rhode Island in family law matters and can protect your best interests throughout the process.

How Can We Find Hidden Assets?

If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, there are multiple things we can do, including basic discovery and checking taxes. When it is feasible to work with a forensic accountant, that can be an effective way to uncover assets. However, if those methods are not effective, there may be other legal avenues to make the situation right.

Working with an experienced lawyer can help ensure your best interests and your financial rights are protected throughout the divorce process and the division of property. Learn more about your options by scheduling a free initial consultation. I can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 401-216-6506.

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