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The Perils of Child Relocation

Relocating to another geographical area always has the potential to be a stressful situation. When you share custody of or have a visitation schedule with a child, the situation becomes more difficult. If you want to relocate with the child, you could be creating a situation where the child would be forced to have a long-distance relationship with the other (non-moving) parent.

There are various reasons why someone would want to relocate, and many of these reasons are in the best interests of the child. The parent could be relocating for a job or better pay, or to be closer to family who could help raise / care for the child. If both parents agree that relocating the child is in the child’s best interests, then proceedings go much smoother. However, parents do not always agree. The parent who is not relocating may feel that they are being left behind, or that the relocating parent is trying to take their child away from them.

Courts have come up with many ways to try and satisfy the needs of both parents. With technological advances, a parent and child can still feel close even if they are geographically distant from each other. Phone calls, text messages, emails, and video-chatting can allow the parent and child to be in touch daily or many times a day. This way, the parent can feel that they are still involved in their child’s life. A court may also order that the child spend their school vacations and summer breaks with their non-custodial parent so that the parent and child are able to spend some time together. In any event, the courts will try to come up with a solution that is beneficial for the child and sensitive to the needs of all parties.

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