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Common Law Marriage

Rhode Island is one of the few states that will recognize common law marriages. (The majority of states no longer recognize it.) Generally, in order for a common law marriage to be formed, some requirements must be met, such as: cohabitation, representing to the public that the couple is married, and intent to be treated as married. All of the factors will be taken together as a whole to determine if a common law marriage has taken place or not.

Also, if there is another state that does not recognize common law marriage, that state could possibly recognize a common law marriage if it was validly created in Rhode Island.

Common law marriages have a unique set of legal issues, such as establishing the marriage, as well as issues that other relationships may have. For example, many couples that are common law married may need to determine a custody arrangement or spousal support at the end of their relationship. If you have any questions about a common law marriage, consult a Rhode Island Family Attorney.

– Marissa McGill

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