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Divorce in the Digital Age

These days, it is hard to find someone who doesn’t have a Facebook page or other social media account. Our culture has become inundated with updating our friends about our whereabouts, thoughts, and feelings, all as they happen. Oversharing has become rampant. However, it is important to remember that once that information is on the internet, it can sometimes be there permanently – even if you later try to remove it. This includes pictures, tweets, posts, etc.

Facebook and other sites now have a role in the court systems. If you post something on Facebook, there is a good chance that your ex-spouse or partner can see what you posted. This means that if you posted something that wasn’t exactly positive, they could possibly use that against you. Even if you change the privacy settings of what you post, there could be ways around that.

Even outside of the court systems, police officers and investigators now routinely use Facebook to track down suspects, get information about their whereabouts, or see who they are speaking to. The same goes for all of the other social applications – Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Think before you post something online. It could be a personal thought that you are broadcasting to hundreds, and possibly more, people. If you wouldn’t want your ex-spouse or your judge to see it, you should consider not posting it, or at least trying to limit its reach.  And beware online dating sites!

-Marissa McGill

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