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Focusing on the Children

Family law issues influence children tremendously, and recently, the legal system has begun to realize that. The best interests of the children now have a primary focus in family law proceedings. Many law schools have even chosen to offer classes that focus on family issues from the perspective of the child. The result is a new generation of attorneys who understand, to the best of their ability, that children need to be prioritized during a proceeding.

Of course, there are sometimes other participants in the proceedings that focus on the children, even more so than the parents’ attorneys. These participants include a Guardian Ad Litem (“GAL”) and Court-Appointed Special Advocates (“CASA”), who are court-appointed specifically to represent the best interests of the child. These participants typically get to know the child to better understand their situation, their perspective, and can be a valuable asset when the court is trying to decide what is best.

Family law issues are tough on children, but if all of the parties work towards the same result, there is a good chance that it can be a more positive experience for the child, and possibly, all parties involve.

– Marisaa McGill

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