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The Greatest Moment in RI Family Court History

As I was waiting patiently for my case to be called an argument broke out between two parents about something or other. Even as voices raised and tempers flared I had trouble finding it very interesting. Screaming and gnashing of teeth is all the rage in the Family Court. So I didn’t have much of a context when the following happened (I love that there is a transcript of this somewhere):

Dad: “I don’t know why my son isn’t going to school”

Mom: “He IS going to school! You so stupid!”

Dad: “Nah.”

Mom: “Yeah”

Dad: “Nah”

Mom: “YUH HUH!”

Dad: “Nah”

Mom: “So stupid!”


And so on

 … …

 And on

 … …

Judge: “You two are acting like children. You need to grow up, both of you.”

Silence (for once).

Judge: “You two have to understand that you (points at Dad) chose her and you (points at Mom) chose him! You two chose each other. And now you have a child. So get over it”

Mom looks bewildered.

Mom: “I didn’t choose him!”

Judge: “You did once! You did for one night for three minutes!”

Mom still looks on bewildered. Dad laughs.

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