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Adoption matters typically involve a party wishing to adopt a minor child. If the person to be adopted is over 14 years old, their consent is usually required. Rhode Island may permit adult adoption, but adult adoptions typically take place in probate court.

There are typically some requirements for people who wish to adopt, such as they must be the age of majority. Some states do not permit a person to adopt if they are married and their spouse is not looking to adopt. For example, most states wouldn’t allow an adoption if a wife decides that she wants to adopt a child, but the husband does not join her in that petition.

Generally, unless the natural/biological parents have been declared unfit or deemed to have waived their rights, their permission will be needed before an adoption can take place.

-Marissa McGill

There are many other rules and laws that make the adoption process fairly sophisticated. If you have any questions regarding an adoption, please consult a Rhode Island Family Law Attorney.


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