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Choosing Your Co-parent

In a recent Ted Radio Hour podcast I listened to, a scientist said something I have been giving a lot of thought.  She said that the more beautiful the male peacock is, the more he preens about during the “dating period” (to anthropomorphize), the less likely he will be to help care for the eggs his partner lays after mating.

Even the birds get it.

The hot ones, the beautiful ones, let’s face it.  They don’t always make the best parents. Or partners.

You have to use extraordinary care when choosing your co-parent.  It’s a lifetime decision.

Please dear reader, I beg you.  Be sure about them before you create a person with them.  There is no more important decision you will make in your entire life than who you decide to have a child with. 

Your choice of co-parent is more important than your choice of career, your choice of recreational drug, or even whether or not you want to give keto a try.

A decision so important we leave it up to silly things like chemistry, love, and hope. We are smart. We have good intuition about people. We know better. Don’t we?

Date whomever.  Do whatever.  Do you.  Hell, even have a practice marriage if you want.  But do not.  Under any circumstance.  Create a tiny human with another person until you are damn sure you know them.

Meet his mom.  Have a forensic accountant examine her bank statements.  Really put your partner through the damn ringer before you make them Mom or Dad.  Don’t find out during your infant’s three a.m. scream session that the love of your life is a deep sleeper.  Don’t find out at the parent teacher conference that Suzie should be home-schooled. 

Find out too early instead of too late.   

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