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Get Out of My Courtroom

A fellow Family Law attorney told the following anecdote, and I think it encapsulates the Family Court experience (n.b. “standing” means the right to bring a case, i.e. either parent of a child has standing to file a custody case as to his or her child, but not to someone else’s child):

“I was arguing a case and the judge said my client didn’t have standing.  That I didn’t have standing.  Because of such-and-such.  So they wouldn’t hear the case.  It was best for the child to be with my client, but it couldn’t happen I didn’t have standing.  So we argued and I wasn’t being heard.  The judge threw me out.  And I thought, ‘well, it’s an honor to be thrown out.  I am being thrown out because I advocated so zealously for my client’.  I told the judge, ‘Hell, I’ve been thrown out by lesser people than you.  I’m leaving now.’”

That’s Family Court.

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