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The specter of the significant other

Although it may be tough people eventually move on after a divorce. Eventually some people begin to date again and with this oftentimes comes the difficult decision whether or not to introduce your new significant other to your children. While some couples will think about this during the divorce proceedings and lay out guidelines in their decree, many people don’t like thinking about this difficult situation and then struggle with it when it comes up in the future.

There is no bright line rule when it comes to an appropriate time for a new significant other to meet the children and each situation needs to be looked at and all factors gauged before the decision is made. As with all Family Law issues involving children the most important factor to consider is the best interests of the children. It is extremely important to consider the impact that a new person will have in their life and on their emotional well-being. It may be important to discuss the possibility of introductions with your ex as well as your children before throwing them both into a new situation with a new person.

It may be important to discuss with your attorney during your divorce negotiations whether or not there are certain guidelines that you would like to lay out regarding introducing new significant others to your children. While you won’t be able to keep them away forever, there may be certain time frames that you and your ex can agree to that will be beneficial to all parties involved. If the issue isn’t discussed during negotiations and problems arise in the future that effect the children it may be important to come back in and speak with your attorney about appropriate remedies.

Brittany Carr

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