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Why You Need an Attorney

Divorce involves the uncoupling of two people, un-mingling of all of the assets (and worse, debts), and separation of all of the property.  Add to the mix that emotions and tensions typically run high during these times and a perfect recipe for a complicated process is created. For many people, it only makes sense to reach out to an attorney to handle the divorce matter for you.

Attorneys can take a lot of the pressure off of you. They know what paperwork needs to be in and when. They know how to act at court appearances, and what the judge wants to know. They know how to communicate with other attorneys, if the opposing party is represented, or parties who represent themselves. Finally, they know that this matter affects not just your present, but also your future.

Divorce is an extremely difficult time no matter what, but hiring a family law attorney can allow you to focus on yourself and moving forward instead of the court proceedings. If you have any questions about a divorce matter, please contact a family law attorney today.

-Marissa McGill

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