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Child Custody

Many events that happen between parents aren’t considered during a child custody hearing. It typically won’t matter if one parent was the one that wanted the divorce or separation, or if one parent was unfaithful to the relationship. An exception…

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Adoption matters typically involve a party wishing to adopt a minor child. If the person to be adopted is over 14 years old, their consent is usually required. Rhode Island may permit adult adoption, but adult adoptions typically take place…

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Grounds for Divorce

Rhode Island recognizes a few different grounds for divorce. These grounds fall into two categories: fault and no-fault. As the name suggests, fault grounds are based on the idea that one of the parties is at fault for the divorce.…

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Choosing a Family Law Attorney

Family law cases are usually deeply personal matters, and as a result, it is extremely important that you feel that you can trust your attorney. In order for your attorney to represent you in your case, you will likely need…

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Common Law Marriage

Rhode Island is one of the few states that will recognize common law marriages. (The majority of states no longer recognize it.) Generally, in order for a common law marriage to be formed, some requirements must be met, such as:…

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Divorce in the Digital Age

These days, it is hard to find someone who doesn’t have a Facebook page or other social media account. Our culture has become inundated with updating our friends about our whereabouts, thoughts, and feelings, all as they happen. Oversharing has…

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Focusing on the Children

Family law issues influence children tremendously, and recently, the legal system has begun to realize that. The best interests of the children now have a primary focus in family law proceedings. Many law schools have even chosen to offer classes…

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Mediation & Domestic Violence

Mediation can be a useful tool in a divorce lawyer’s toolkit. However, when there is a current or past history of domestic violence, the use of mediation is extremely controversial. There are varying opinions on the subject. Some experts believe…

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Co-parenting “Dates”

Some families feel that even after a divorce, separation, or breakup, co-parenting (even though the parents are no longer a couple) is extremely important. One way to do this is through “co-parenting dates” where the parents both spend time with…

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