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Family Court Holiday

by: Guest Blogger

As I sit here trying to decide which topic I’d like to write about today I find myself with just a little writer’s block (which I’m not sure is even possible; I could write a book, no, a series, about Family Court). I’ve started writing on about six or seven topics tonight and well, I just can’t finish them. Correction: I really don’t care to. Why? Because as of 4:30 pm Monday, Family Court broke for the holiday break.

For the next (almost) two weeks, you won’t be able to get in front of a judge if you have a problem that needs immediate attention (I’m sorry; unless it is a true emergency that the court believes needs to be heard). You won’t be able to go down to the courthouse on your day off (why would you ever do that in the first place though!?!?) to get copies of your most recent court orders or talk to a clerk because all they want to do is go home. You can try to call, email, text, or contact your attorney and get an immediate answer about a miniscule question (I’m sure that happens ALL the time for you) – hey, your attorney’s law firm just left for a trip to Cabo – have fun trying to get in touch with that one poor soul in the office that was left behind and couldn’t go because they need to pay off their student loans.

This may seem like a big deal, you might be panicking. It might seem like absolutely nothing to you… Two weeks of no possibility of court. This happens every year, this two week break from court. But this year is different for me. For me, this is two ENTIRE WEEKS of not having to think about this case, worry about any absurd possibilities, wonder why this attorney or that attorney or that GAL isn’t getting back to me.

This is what I am choosing to do, and if you are in any way involved in a Family Court case, please, for the sake of not only your children but your own sanity, take my advice:


Don’t think about it.

Don’t worry about any of it.

In two weeks Family Court enters yet another year of custody battles, litigation, divorces, visitation issues, restraining orders, people yelling and screaming, people getting kicked out of courtrooms, judges having really good days (or really bad ones)…  And you will get (another) day in court. Another week of anxiety, frustration and worrying before the court date, another day of sitting in hallway all day long for your turn in the courtroom or to be told your date was continued.

So, relax; forget this battle in your life exists for the moment. Spend the holidays with your family. Enjoy your children. That’s what it should be all about, right? Try not to fight with your ex about the kids being back by 5:47 on the dot on Christmas Eve because you’d like to make cookies with them; don’t spend each family gathering talking about this nonsense you’re going through. Take care of your kids (if you happen to be so lucky to do that), take care of YOURSELF, enjoy the mass amount of calories you’re about to consume before jumping right into your ‘New Year, New Me’ diet.

Just chill. You can start to lose your mind again January 2nd.

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