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OMG Why Does That Attorney Hate Me?!?!?!

Family Law attorneys are known for our dead eyes and desiccated souls.  Any Family Law attorney with more than five years experience is only worth her weight in apathy.  Truly, we are just well-dressed mall walkers, always moving quickly from courtroom to courtroom and never really going anywhere or accomplishing much of anything.

Or at least that is how it feels.  And what our Google reviews tell us.

We don’t hate you, or the other party, or even your case.  Hating takes energy.  We don’t have that energy.  Or the time.  Who has time to hate?  We don’t even have time to sigh, most of us.  I once knew an attorney who had so many cases on the calendar one morning he didn’t get to the bathroom once.  He was quite cranky by lunch.

So, if it looks likes the attorney for the other side “has it out for you” or “threw up gang signs at you” trust me.  We don’t.  He didn’t.  It just looks like we cannot stand you because we are screaming at you and have a scowl on our faces.  Common mistake.  What we hate is the Family Court itself.  What we hate are our colleagues in real estate law who make very nice livings never having to step foot into court.

Really we hate what you and your ex significant other bring out in one another.  Pettiness.  Spite.  Credit card debt.  Etc.

On your own we are sure you are lovely.  On his or her own, the other party is probably quite nice.  We would probably like both of you and invite you both, individually, to our book club, but together.  Together is a different matter.  Together you are a different you and she is not really her.

It is the shadow of the failed relationship that makes you both so toxic together.  That is what we hate.

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