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Do Not Spit on Your Spouse

Actress Christina Ricci has filed for divorce (and a restraining order) from her spouse of seven years James Heerdegen, claiming that the idiot allegedly spit at her.

The police were called, but not arrests were made.

Christina Ricci, perhaps best knows for her childhood role as Wednesday Addams in “The Addams Family”, is seeking sole physical and legal custody of their five-year-old son, Freddie.

James Heerdegen, the idiot spouse, was the dolly grip on “Pan Am”, where the parties met.

Whether the restraining order remains in place is up to a Los Angeles judge, but soon-to-be Ms. Ricci now holds all of the cards when it comes to her son and her spouse has an arduous, uphill climb ahead of him even if the emergency protection order is discontinued or negotiated away.

Ms. Ricci has temporary possession of the home – likely the only home little Freddie has ever known – temporary possession of the child, and can easily argue that she should not be forced to co-parent Freddie with the kind of man who spits at her when they disagree (parents who share legal custody are expected to work together in making decisions for the well-being of their child or children).

The end of any relationship is a grotesque thing to experience, but even in the middle of the storm you must remain aware that the things you do, say, attempt, or threaten, can and probably will, be used against you in court.

After all, a parent will do anything to “win” physical custody (placement) of their child.

There are genuinely decent people who do truly horrific things at the very end of a marriage, whether it is out of pain, insecurity, spite, co-dependence or whatever else.  There is no end to what a person might do.

The Family Courts understand that a person can be a terrible spouse and a good parent.

No word on whether the couple will be fighting over the inherited, sprawling Addams estate, the macabre art or the collection of pet spiders.

Source: Katie Scott of Global News

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